PP Fiber

BGSB uses pure polyolefine based high grade PP Fiber. This ensures absolute alkali resistance, not only on the surface but everywhere else too. The fiber material is chemically neutral(inert) and rot-proof, and its water absorption rate is virtually 0%.

  • High Flexure Strength; The addition of High Grade PP Fiber increases the flexural strength appreciably up to 28%.
  • Anti Shrinkage; Investigations have shown that fiber concrete using High Grade PP Fiber reduces shrinkage cracking by 85% compared to conventional concrete, which corresponds to quality class FS2. This means that PP fiber concrete has a higher concrete density with minimum microcracks and that an earlier utilization of building structures can be expected.
  • Water Resistant; High Grade PP fiber reduces the water penetration depth in the concrete body. The investigation shows that the water penetration depth is reduced by over 25% after adding the fiber.
  • Fire Resistant; In the event of fire, due to the rapidly rising temperatures, such high stresses arise that it is not possible for conventional concrete to withstand this vapor pressure.

Using a higher dosage of High Grade PP Fiber gives concrete higher permeability. In the event of a fire, the melting point of approx.160°C will cause the fibers to melt. The result is that a capillary network in the concrete and the water vapor that is produced, can escape.

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