Color Concrete Toppings

BGSB has an innovative approach towards concrete as a material and even specializes in casting colored concrete floorings for heavy duty, industrial and warehousing floors. It includes integrally selective color options, acid staining and even colored hardener toppings using slurry top method. It is a value added service which improves aesthetics of the floor without compromising on the durability and structural strength of the concrete slab. Though grey color is a popular choice for concrete floors, especially for factories and warehouses but various other color options can also be looked at whilst choosi ng from the pallet.

Colors can be swirled together to create a mottled effect or kept separate with a distinct pattern. Colored dry shake Hardeners are the most tried-and-true method of coloring concrete floors and are prized for their permanence and unique color statement. Moreover on the other hand acid stains penetrate and react chemically with the concrete slab making the floor look unique and distinct.

Colored concrete demands far more than just adding the pigments. From planning to installation, essential decisions must be made for the application to succeed and the most diverse production steps must be checked and executed expertly. Write us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to know more

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