Is your floor flatness affecting your warehouse efficiency?

A warehouse or an industrial facility is the hub of all action. That makes it prone to many issues and challenges. One of the biggest hazards that a warehouse faces is the safety hazard.

One of the key factors responsible for contributing to the safety of a warehouse is its flooring. Many structural issues are caused by weak or unlevelled surface. Floor undulation is the primary cause of mishaps such as tripping incidents as they affect the stability of the floor thereby endangering the safety of the workers.Poor floor flatness also have negative impact on the performance of machinery and the tools in the warehouse. If the floors are flat enough, it will be disastrous to the stability of the racking system and the smooth running of the forklifts (MHE) and delivery trucks. In order to avoid accidents it’s usually seen that operators of MHE’s will run the equipment at lower speeds, thereby slowing down the efficiency of the warehouse hence, lowering the productivity.

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Thus it is crucial to have flat floors to ensure safety, productivity and longevity of the warehouse. At BGSB, we cast superflat concrete floors for all your warehouse and industrial facility needs that will give your warehouse floors a longer life and a better output. Think flooring, think BGSB.

Epoxy Flooring Vs Polished Concrete Flooring

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